Call Pickup & Parking

Hello experts,

I am relatively new to asterisk but quite familiar with SIP. Currently I am working on a feature called “Anywhere” where the user can have multiple external number(cell phone/home pstn etc) which gets called when his main line rings. I am using Dial with multiple parameters to do Broadcast ring.

However, Once the user picked up the phone from any device , what would be the best way to pick up that call from another device? I know I can use call parking, but not sure how that would behave for external line. Once the call is dialed out to an external line and got answered, what would be the best way to take it back ? Can anyone tell me the behavior of a call when its dialed out to an external number and how to control it?

I am trying to do something like this “” but only the other way around (cell phone to office) but the call was put on the cellphone by asterisk. Now I want to take it back / pick it up from the office phone.

Any idea / clue of how to do it would be really helpful. I can understand asterisk is really really powerful (comparing to the proprietary platforms i’v used before) but still trying to get my head around its features.

Thanks in advance,

There is no difference between external and internal numbers as far as Park is concerned.