Call Manager Name DNS Error on 7940

I have a Cisco 7940 phone and an asterisk PBX running on Suse Linux 8.2, I have loaded all the images on the phone with a TFTP server on the linux box, but the Call manager 1 field picks up the IP address of the linux box and after configuring IP address, the phone says defaulting CM list to TFTP, then goes into Call Manager Name DNS Error and stays like this forever. Id like to know what is causing this error, Im sooo confused here

Need some help is it the phone or the PBX ?? :confused: :confused: :question: :frowning:

It sounds like you do not have a CallManager defined in your config file so it is defaulting to the tftp server but it is trying to find the tftp server by name and you do not have a dns entry for it. Are you using the skinny load? Things will work better with the SIP load.