Call landline to get voip dialtone

what would you connect a fax machine into, fxs or fxo?

Fax machines behave precisely as a regular phone set.

that what i thought just got confused from reading the post i guess.

I am interested in doing something similar, but it seems to me it could be kept simpler… Just theory, please correct me if my thoughts are out of line:

I am shopping for a provider that’s more flexible than vonage to avoid needing to switch so many times from analog to VOIP: Phone at the mall -> voip (Provider) -> analog (asterisk at home) -> back to voip -> possibly back to analog if my call goes to a regular phone…

With a provider that lets you “byod” the conversions at “home” shouldn’t happen. Some providers also support call transfer on their side, if I read this right, with IAX you should be able to get your * to transfer the call between two parties and cut itself out of it. (If the provider supports it) Am I wrong?

But Ok, assuming we are going with vonage (well, the “X100P way” means any provider really, could be a traditional phone company for that matter) , why two lines? couldn’t asterisk take the phone number you want to dial, “flash” to three way calling, dial, and “flash” again to let you in the three way call? All over one interface… Again just theory, is this possible?

Taking it further, one thing I’ve been googling and searching for is a call-back solution (not much luck yet):

Couldn’t I call my number, punch a code when the * answers and get * to call me back, then go through connecting to the other number?

Am I out of line with my thinking?

Actually this can be far easier than described.

If you setup an Asterisk server with an FXO card, and then create a DISA service extension to allow calling over VOIP services, or analog services or whatever services you like.

Click here for more information about the DISA command. … k+cmd+DISA

OK guys. :confused:

I am trying to do the same thing as poli. Currently I am having one PSTN analog line and 1 Vonage line connected. I have two X100P installed and running. One X100p is connected to the PSTN analog line and 2nd X100P is connected to the Linksys phone adapter. (Instead of regular phone I am using) I would like to call from my cell phone my PBX box using regular PSTN line and make long-distance call using vonage service.

Is this possible with my current hardware setup? If so what Asterisk configurations are necessary in order to get this done.

My understanding from previous postings was that I cannot get dial out signal with X1100P cards. (Can’t dial out) Is this true?