Call Hangup after Answer


I am having an issue with getting a busy tone when I answer an incoming call. I can make an outgoing call fine, and it will connect to the user with no issue. However, when I dial in to the phone, it rings fine, but when I answer it gives me a busy signal and then hangs up after a set number of seconds.

Other sip clients, linphone work fine, as well as a separate SIP desk phone. This one phone is having an issue with connecting the incoming call.

Thanks for the help.


Please provide SIP debugging and verbose level 5 logs, together with the relevant parts of the dialplan.

Hi David,

Thank you for the response. I was watching the debug logs and I noticed this error being printed

Got Session-Expires less than local Min-SE in 200 OK, tearing down call

I did a search online for this error, and found this patch in Asterisk

I didn’t have a way on my machine to dump the sip messages to see the value for Min-SE contained in the SIP message, but it would have to be less than the 60 that Asterisk (or FreePBX in my case) sets by default. The wireless sip phone I am using is quite old, so it may have been set to zero or not even sent in the message. I set the minimum value for session timeout to zero in asterisk, and everything now works perfectly fine.

It would have been nice that the message above printed out minimum value and the value in the actual SIP message, and gave a hint as to what config value in Asterisk to change.

Thanks again for the reply,