Call forwarding to a group of cell phones, with a choice


Im playing around with the capabilities of asterisk, and possibly with a business idea.

What im looking to do, is to redirect any and all incomming calls to a ring group of outside cell numbers (with agents in the field)

Lets play around with the idea, that is impractical to install softphones on their individual phones, with possible different software(some people still insist on using apple products for some reason)

All this is doable, even for a simple mind like me, but…

Im trying to see if i can make the individual agents have a choice of accepting the call, and if they reject it, it will instead call the next agent, like if they were in a meeting…

My plan is, to make a choice…

  1. for accepting the call
  2. for rejecting the call
  3. for replaying the message.

Is this possible to do? or do i need to use 2 open lines at the time for this to be possible?

If so, can anyone send me in direction of some material i can read about ? or maybe an example of a script?

You can do this with opening 1 line at a time (unless you want to go the predictive route).
Have a look at the Dial application and more specific at the following options :

  • g = Proceed with dialplan execution at the next priority in the current extension if the destination channel hangs up. In your case this would be call the next agent, for example when the agent did not pick up.
  • U = Execute via Gosub the routine x for the called channel before connecting to the calling channel. You can use this to play a warning to your agent and let the agent accept or reject the call in case he picked up.

Another trick is to have a single Dial start calling multiple agents at the same time, the first one to pick up will receive the call. This will work best if the agents have voice mail disabled.

Obviously how you do it is highly dependend on how exactly you wish to direct the call flow.

Thanks, i will have a look at that…