Call forwarding between virtual extensions with Sangoma A200

I am new to Asterisk and I was tasked with implementing the same in the company where I work. Well, the situation is as follows:
• The company currently uses a scheme of virtual analog extensions provided by the local telephone service;
• We have a Sangoma A/200 with 4 FXO ports and are running Asterisk 1.8;
• You can configure a virtual extension of the ports of FXO Sangoma card, so we can make Asterisk to answer a call placed to that extension and forward it to an extension SIP;

What we are now racking their brains to solve is the following:
A user connects to extension 4963 (which is the extension “setted” on board FXO); Asterisk answers and routes the call to another extension virtual (4900).

You can do this with a FXO card? If so, how?
I thank you!

Att: Jan Souza

you can check the chan_dahdi.conf, under each FXS, you can define the extension 4900 or 4901
if you have more FXSs. after adding that, you reload asterisk by reload command from CLI.
you will be able to call the 4900 extension by any internal phones.

But I do not have FXS ports on my plate, I have only FXO ports.
Could better detail as I proceed in this situation?

if you want to forward the incoming call to your SIP extension, you can
edit the dialplan in this way:
exten => s, 1, dialplan(SIP/XXXX) to dial to your SIP extension
please refer this: … _conf.html

But I wish to forward to another analog extension. That we are failing to do.
Any idea?