Call File to Ring a Ring Group Issue


have the following call file

Channel: Local/602/n
CallerID: “Video Entry Alarm” <1050>
Application: Playback
Data: VideoEntry

Which should place a call to the Ring Group 602. But when run it does nothing. Can anyone suggest what I need to change to get this working?



Where is your context at the local channel?

Thanks for the reply. I am using a standard install of Elastix 4. So would need to check.

Checked and it looks like the Ring Groups are in extensions_additional.conf in the [ext-group] context. The extensions_additional.conf is # included in the extensions.conf. So should the call file not of worked with the above settings?

Well, for this especific case the distro doesn’t matter, you are creating your call file without a context. So assuming that you create the ring group using the GUI and is the 602 then your local channel should be:


It will still fail if your Data for the playback doesn’t exist.

In the other hand ELASTIX and FreePBX based asterisks systems not work like vanilla asterisk, there is a lot of complex logic in the dialplan. Besides that when you define a Local channel you always MUST set the context or it will use the default one, so even with the vanilla asterisk that will fail too.

In particular, ring groups are a construct created by that complex dialplan; they don’t exist in Asterisk itself, so you should really use whatever support forum Elastix provides.

Navaismo thanks for your suggestion this cured my issue.

Thanks to everyone else who commented.