Call file retry if no valid answer on ivr


I have create call file who call on an IVR.

But if the Caller don’t press any touch on the IVR, i want that the IVR retry the call or call file resume.

If caller press # touch, no need te restart, the caller go to another IVR.

It’s possible ? Can someone help me please ?

Thank, Guillaume.

I don’t think call files are the best place to put this king of logic. Call files are simply a way to initiate a single application or point in the dialplan.

AGI, AMI, or ARI are better interfaces, allowing you to apply the logic you need.

thank for info
but now i can’t use this interfaces, I’m not good enough for that :wink:
If someone can give me help ?

the desired process is >

initiate call (method ?, actually with call files)
Ring for 20 second, if answer (if not answer retry in 60 second for 3 time)
Deliver message
Called person must press #
If press # go to IVR
If not press # , the call is again made in 60 second for 3 time

thank if someone can help me

Looks like you’re setting up an outbound IVR. You can find some background on the system I build using WombatDialer. Call files were not an option.

You can also look at the python code I use with the AGI() interface. Hope it helps!

I hope you’re only calling other staff -or- co-workers with this method. Calling someone three (3) times in row for a marketing campaign would be very annoying.

It’s only for call customer and deliver message from alarm system, not publicity !