Call established before the answer


I have an Asterisk PBX integrated with an Avaya PABX. The connections that originates asterisk, passes by Avaya that routes to the PSTN.

Sometimes, some calls return “Call established” before the answer of PSTN. I guess that this calls getting conection by Avaya and Avaya return this for Asterisk, this way the Asterisk supply connections to the queue when it is calling. :confused:
Ps: My asterisk work with a Dialer! Therefore, can’t suppy the calls to the queue before the answer.

I saw in logs that the connection come from Avaya before the answer, but I can’t know if this answer is by Avaya or is by PSTN.

I don’t think that this wrong is an Asterisk error, my extensions.conf is configurated equal another companies that uses my Asterisk.

Or is an Avaya wrong, or is a PSTN wrong. What you think?

Thank you guys! :smiley:

How is the Avaya connected to the PSTN. How is Asterisk connected to the Avaya.

The main reason for getting premature answer on Asterisk is using an FXO analogue interface with no answer supervision, or without answer supervision enabled in Asterisk.

This is the wrong forum for support questions.

The connection between Asterisk and Avays is with a E1 Link, coaxial cable and ISDN protocol. I’m sorry for not explain this.
And sorry for post this topic in a wrong area, I’m new here.