Call ends on SendDTMF(*)

Not sure what’s going on but when I SendDTMF(*) my call is ended.

I dont think it makes a difference as I haven’t set the H or h flags anywhere but in features.conf i’ve got:

[featuremap] ... disconnect => ***0

I’ve verified it’s set properly in the cli:

Builtin Feature           Default Current
---------------           ------- -------
Disconnect Call           *       ***0   [/code]

i've got the following in agents.conf

i’ve got the following in extensions.conf:

[test] exten => 1,1,Answer(); same =>n,Wait(5); same =>n,Verbose(1, Sending *); same =>n,SendDTMF(*,500); same =>n,Verbose(1, Sent *); same =>n,Wait(5); same =>n,Hangup();

What am I missing? I’m running

Not sure why, but setting the dtmf mode to inband fixed my issue. If anyone would like to chime in on the subject as to why this may have been happening I am very much interested.

Perhaps the remote side is expecting the DTMFs to be received InBand?