Call ended

im having “call ended” when incoming call…
from debugging iv got : Got SIP response 420 bad extension back from …
can any one solve it to me?? :neutral_face:

Not on that information.

Also this is not the right forum for support questions, like that. It is intended for discujssions.

From the SIP RFC:

[quote]21.4.15 420 Bad Extension

The server did not understand the protocol extension specified in a
Proxy-Require (Section 20.29) or Require (Section 20.32) header
field. The server MUST include a list of the unsupported extensions
in an Unsupported header field in the response. UAC processing of
this response is described in Section

You will need a SIP trace to see what it was rejecting, or you could just try turning off the bells and whistles until it is happy.