Call duration limit on Queues


A very useful option in Dial application is L(x:y) which limits the call duration to x milliseconds and warns the user y milliseconds before disconnection.
I wonder why the Queue application lacks this option.
Can anybody tell me how I can have a similar feature on the Queue application?

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Are you using AgentLogin or Local channels. You should no longer be using AgentCallbackLogin. For Local channels, apply the limit to the actual dial out to the agent.

It was probably not though important because the agent, or the associated CTI, could impose any time limit, and that is less unfriendly than having the agent interrupted by an announcement.

The reason behind imposing time limit in my application is that my customers use a prepaid telephony consultancy service, and they may run out of credit during the call.
I use AgentLogin, but I do not know how apply the limit to the actual dial out to the agent as you mentioned. I guess you mean that I can call the whole Queue part with a Dial(Local…) command. It sounds a good Idea, but I guess this will limit the wait+talk time instead of limiting the talk time. Am I right?

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Still seems more friendly to have the agent close the call.

However, I only considered call back agents. Your suggestion probably works. You might be able to make it time the answered part of the call if you don’t answer the local channel, but that means no progress messages and no music on hold, just ringing.

Many thanks for your hint about Local channels as queue members. I missed the solution by overlooking them. Now this works for me:


member => Local/220@qmem/n,0,Sara,IAX2/220

Note that /n in the end of the Local channel string plays an important role


exten => 220,t,Dial(IAX2/220,,ghHL(30000:10000))