Call drops after a minute when calling asterisk from DID

I have a custom context, custom-record that simply records the caller speaking (pretty much a simple custom voicemail) using RECORD FILE recfile 123 -1 (timeout -1 so that it waits for an exit digit to hangup). When I call to my SellVoip DID, which connects via SIP to my Trixbox server at home, after a minute my phone will be disconnected from the call (and its always exactly a minute).
But when I call from XLite within my asterisk network I can call in and record for as long as I want (over one minute).

I’m using Asterisk svn rev 34876 with Trixbox

The only difference that I can think of is that when I’m calling from XLite it first goes to the “from-internal” context and then to my custom-record context whereas when I call from the ext DID it goes straight to custom-record. Are variables being set in the from-internal context that are allowing for the call not to be dropped after a minute? Any idea why this is happening?

Thanks in advance! I’d really appreciate any thoughts concerning my problem.

If your SellVoip DID is FREE, they probably limit call length to 1 minute, until you pay them.

I doubt Record File is disconnecting your call after 60 seconds (unless you are running out of disk space).