Call dropping problems when changing to version 1.8

We replaced an IPitomy system a few weeks ago, it was running Asterisk 1.6 We replaced it because the customer wanted to add phones and didn’t want to pay the licensing fees. The system we installed was / is a Freepbx based system running Asterisk 1.8 All the phones were IPitomy HD phones made for them by Escene. The phones were all up to date with the IPitomy firmware. The issues we are having is that the phones will drop calls. It doesn’t matter if it is a SIP trunk call or an internal call. Before the update they only occasionally dropped outside calls. I have been looking at this issue for a couple of weeks now. The SIP info page shows the phone connections all over the place. From 24 - 400ms. We have changed the wiring / patch cords on many phones. and tested the others. The Switch has PoE enabled. We have a couple of Yealink T26 phones and they have dropped a few calls as well. The question is : Could there be some difference between version 1.6 & 1.8 that the IPitomy phones can’t deal with? I cannot contact IPitomy since we had a falling out. I setup a jitter buffer in the system, changed the relaxecdtmf=no and changed in each of the phones the SubscribePeriod to 120 and the Register Time expire to 40. Another IPitomy dealer suggested the change since he does that with remote HD phones. This is happening at two locations that we have.

I think that is about all I have done. I will accept any and all ideas at this point.