Call Diverting

Im looking for a pbx with this function:

We have 2 companies in one office, i want to set up a server running pbx with 2 lines coming into it going to 2 different people, but if one is enganged i want it to divert to the other but tell the user on the screen that its a diverted call. Does Asterisk do this? and does the win32 version support this?

I love the sound of your system, i have a windows based system though :frowning: do you think its viable to run a virtual machine on the windows system then run linux on that?

Your thoughts / ideas are much appreciated!

I would not use asterisk on windows and not on a VM. If you have only a few extensions a basic box should work. You can the dial plan to changed the CID Name and added something to it so the one being called knows that the call was diverted.