Call disconnection only by Caller, instead of Callee

Hi there!

I have come across very strange functionality… I wonder if there is possibility of setting it up in Asterisk.

I would like to configure call handling in this way: disconnection of call is possible only by caller, not by the callee. Means: When callee hangs up, I would like the call to ba active. When callee picks up phone (i.e. another phone) would be able to continue call.

Is it possible to manage call like that? I do appreciate for any suggestions.

This is not a support forum.

That is actually standard behaviour for hte UK PSTN, and probably others too. Unfortunatley it is not standard behaviour for PABX analogue lines. I’m not aware of any support for calling party only clearing in Asterisk, but I’ve never tried.

On PABXes, the equivalent funcion is normally obtained by using call pickup, or parking, features.

(Note: on the PSTN, this only works if the phones are wired in parallel, on the same exchange line. That arrangement is uncommon on PABXes.)

Thank you david55 for an exhaustive answer! It helps.