Call centre setup question

Hello everyone. I am trying to set a call centre system in which the operators would not be working “behind” the asterisk but they would rather sit in their homes an the call would be transfered to their home numbers. The operator would not be active all the time during the day so he would have the chance to log on to the system by one call. Basicaly, the feature I need heer is to recognize the caller (in this case it is the operator) and after that to be able to transfer call to him or to any other available operator. When operator’s time comes, he would log off from the system and it would be impossible to transfer any of the incoming calls to him. I hope that u understand me. Just to be sure, let’s have a look at the following situation: Operator A is in his home and he should be logged on to the system at 4.00 pm. He takes his phone, dials asterisk and the voice menu instructs him that he can log on by pressing 1 and log off by pressing 2. He presses 1 and becomes logged on, closes the line and sitts in his house. Customer is calling our hypothetical call centre and the system chooses one of the few logged in operators and transfers the call to his home. Let’s say at 8.00 pm operator A calls the login number and presses 2 to log off. That would be the complete example. I hope that this can be done with asterisk. I would highly appreciate your help on this subject.
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Sure it can. Have a look at:
and at: … ueues.conf

thank u very much on your reply Dovid.

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