Call Center system with Asterisk 11.4


I have to build a call center system using Asterisk 11.4. Only after installing Asterisk 11.4, I found from Vicidial forums that currently vicidial version 2.7 supports till Asterisk 1.4, it won’t be compatible with Asterisk 11.4.

I am havign doubt, can’t we do build call center system either by

  1. using Vicidial 2.7 ?

  2. using any other product like vicidial ? (But don’t prefer to go products like AsteriskNow/Vicibox/GoAutoDial which installs everythign from OS, I can’t install OS in my system,I have to use existing OS)

  3. only using Asterisk 11.4 ?

My requirement is as below.
I have a client application haivng Click to Call button which when customer clicks on that , call should go to CSR. CSR must see the customer details in GUI like customer name, email, address and some information coming dynamically from the client application. and also if a particular CSR in that section is busy, call should go to another available CSR automatically.

Could anyone guide me how do I go about in implementing this solution?
Going back Asterisk 1.4 is one option by which I can Vicidial 2.7.


Depends on the specs. Would you rather use Vicidial or the exact version of Asterisk?
Or you can use a different dialer of course.

Sorry. I didn’t get you. could you please elaborate ?

I actually don’t know any other call center application like vicidial which can work with Asterisk 11.4

As loway_ch wrote:

The ssolution of Your problem depends on the priority of the certain - in Your case incompatible - requirements:

Asterisk 11

Actually I also don’t know any “out-of-the-box” variant of a dialer supporting the latest Asterisk versions.
So if the latest Asterisk-Versions are important for Your project You may

  • Code the CallCenter-Logic as required Yourself
  • Adopt Vicidial to work with Asterisk 11

Both ways should be possible, but: they will probably be time-intensive to makee ssure, that all requirements of the project are met.