Call Back Service

Where can I find specific info on how to setup a call back service using asterisk? 8)

Someone? anyone?

I’m trying to implement the Callback Feature with DISA and basically use the Call Back feature and place it back into a menu

have you checked out This link might prove useful. … s+callback

There is another post here less than one week old asking the same question - someone in Zambia trying the same thing. I’ve posted on that topic, so do a search on my comments if all else fails and you’ll see some responses.

I think is good start for you

but if you need help,check,I can support you

hello, I think that A2Billing is a good starting point but it does have its difficulties and callback systems. Although there is no harm in trying and if you like it you can always stick with it and it also has a lot of other features that might interest you.