Call and play pre-recorded messages using GSM gateway?

I’m looking for a way to send pre-recorded message to multiple phone numbers (taken from a database) using GSM gateway. I have a server available, GSM gateway and SIM card. Ideally, the call should be fired depending on a PHP script (it’s connected to MySQL database with the phone numbers). Is there any documentation or script examples for how to do that? Thank you!

Use Originate and Playback application, you can use Instead of playback local channel to add more flexibility, GSM gateway like GOIP and Openvox are connected as regular SIP trunk, there is nothing built to the size of you needs you need start coding

Thank you for your fast reply.

If I understand correctly, I need to:

  1. Connect Asterisk to GSM Gateway with a SIM card installed:
  2. Run a script with the specified voice message so Asterisk can send it through the GSM gateway:

I’m sorry, I’ve played with VoIP 10 years ago, I don’t remember a lot, so I’m basically new to this :slight_smile:

Connection of the GSM gateway is pretty much the same on the Asterik side, but it will drastically change on the GSM depending on the branch of the device. Related to the script start searching about Originate command and PHP or if you want Call files

So the right way is to connect Asterisk with the GSM gateway, then make Asterisk dial the numbers through the gateway, right? I’ll try to connect them now and start coding :slight_smile:

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