Call Accounting for Asterisk

We develop call accounting software for various systems and recently we added a driver for Asterisk.

If anyone is interested, check it out. It is shareware for 14 days.


We recently added a series of new reports and a new Asterisk 1.2 driver that can log all calls from an ODBC connection.

Take care.

Dear Spotless,

I am trying to test CAM trial with AsteriskNOW Beta 6 to test it before cosidering the possibility to install it in some clients.

I have followed the instrucions provided in the startupguide to set the communication between them.

In the Asterisk side I have loaded the module in Asterisk
and changed the cdr.cofn file with the required IP and port. I haven’t done anything else in this side.

I have installed CAM in an XP Prof 2002 SP2 computer. And I have tried to follow the steps in the guide.

First of all, I know almost nothing about DB in Asterisk, so I don’t know which are the values of the parameters to configure in the “Port” section.
Secondly, I don’t know which driver is suppose to work with ASteriskNOW Beta6.

I have tried to contact CAM’s support team but I got no answer.

Thanks in advance!!