Call Accept Help

Would someone willing to help me figure out how to handle a process in extensions.conf?

What I need to do is be able to call an extension, have the user enter a phone number to call, then place user on hold, call number and prompt destination to accept call, if they accept call then I need to connect extension to destination

Here is the sudo code I have worked out for this process, but I cannot find any real help in searching:

Say "Please enter number to call"
Get Digits to call
Say "Please Hold
Place Extension on Hold
Dial Number Entered
When Answered Say "this is a call from me, Would you like to accept this call"
IF {Call is accepted} THEN Connect Call with extension
ELSE {Hangup call, tell extension refused}
Call Complete hangup extension and destination

The simpler the example for doing this the better. I can expand on the simplicity for my application…

take a look on this: … ies-wanted

I actually missed it the first dozen times that I read over it, but the answer was right in front of me the entire time.

Example two on this was the answer:

Took me a little time to get it to work, but I have it mostly working now. THANKS!!!