CA Legal Questions

Our asterisk system is currently able to record inbound and outbound calls like most. However, it has come to our attention that CA doesn’t allow outbound call recording without the 3rd party’s consent. Does anyone have any experience with way around this or a reference in dealing with the sort of issue. Any advice or criticism is greatly appreciated.

We if your local law doesnt allow it then the only “way” round it is to ask permission or not do it.


As with any legal question I would never ask for advice an the internet. Ask a lawyer who is a member of the BAR in the jurisdiction of your issue - no one else can give you better advise.

Well thanks for that comment, stupid though it was. I was not asking legal advise. I was looking for some ways that people had elegantly prompted permission on out-bound calls. For instance:

Having a CRM initiate an outbound call, the 3rd party pick up the phone, acknowledge or decline being recorded, then having the call dial an internal extension.

I had expected technical solutions to the problem laid out, not flippant comments from people with no wish to actually help in a forum. If you have nothing of substance regarding the topic at hand, just stay away from a post.

Silly me for expecting some actual thought on a subject.



Firstly read you post again.

you did in no part of it ask for a solution, you asked for a “way round” the issue.

Secondly the two people who answered one being myself are as you can see by the number of posts, happy to assist anyone, with solutions for users. not questions and not flippant replies.

If you want technical solutions ask for them.


Does getting hung up on semantics really help? I thought the request for help was clear. And while asking for advice where legal matters are involved isn’t the best of ideas online; a nudge in the right direction doesn’t hurt. I don’t want this thread to invite drama or anything of the sort.

Can I make a script that when the other end answers a recording is played that asks the question or something (does that work my experiences with such solutions have issues)? I was hoping to get some first hand accounts from some one who dealt with this issue or some light shed on an otherwise unknown option. Can I record first and ask permission later and then delete if denied? Surely I am not the first to have this issue.

As far as consulting with an actually attorney goes, that is an expensive option but an option none the less, yes. Asterisk is free after all :smile:

Its not hidden its the M option of the Dial command.

[quote]M(x[^arg]) - Execute the Macro for the called channel before connecting
to the calling channel. Arguments can be specified to the Macro
using ‘^’ as a delimeter. The Macro can set the variable
MACRO_RESULT to specify the following actions after the Macro is
finished executing.
* ABORT Hangup both legs of the call.
* CONGESTION Behave as if line congestion was encountered.
* BUSY Behave as if a busy signal was encountered. This will also
have the application jump to priority n+101 if the
’j’ option is set.
* CONTINUE Hangup the called party and allow the calling party
to continue dialplan execution at the next priority.
* GOTO:^^ - Transfer the call to the
specified priority. Optionally, an extension, or
extension and priority can be specified.
You cannot use any additional action post answer options in conjunction
with this option.[/quote]

I use this for called parties accepting calls. shouldnt be hard to change for what you want.