C function which sets contact header in '200 OK' Message Header

But the set up and call are exactly the same; the only difference is Asterisk 14.6 vs Asterisk 15.x and it is Asterisk that is sending the third ‘INVITE’. That third ‘INVITE’ is to one of the Web Clients which is registered to laptop IP address. Asterisk seems to be the only variable.

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Yes, Asterisk is sending that INVITE - but sending an INVITE is fine in that scenario and in fact we receive a 200 OK back stating it is fine. We send an ACK to acknowledge receipt of that 200 OK, but it never reaches the other side for some reason. That’s the problem.

The fact that a re-invite wasn’t being sent previously may have just “worked around” an already existing configuration problem, just like originally you were relying on a bug which was subsequently fixed to have the IP address be what you want.

After digging a little deeper (on this troublesome third ‘INVITE’), the Proxy responds with a ‘200 OK’ to the Asterisk ‘INVITE’ and Asterisk does respond back with an ‘ACK’, however, the Request URI that Asterisk has in it’s ‘ACK’ does not match the Contact that the Proxy sent in the ‘200 OK’. shouldn’t they match exactly? Is this a faulty Contact or Request URI?

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Ensure the rewrite_contact option is set to no, otherwise Asterisk will modify the received Contact header.

Digging even deeper. In Asterisk 14.3, the ‘ACK’ back to the Proxy from the Asterisk ‘INVITE’ contains two ROUTES, one to the Public IP of the Proxy, the other to the Private IP of the Proxy. However, in Asterisk 15.3 there are two ROUTES, but the first ROUTE contains the Public IP of the Proxy and the other ROUTE is identical to that of Asterisk 14.6 (note the second ROUTE transport is ws). This appears to be the only remaining difference in the tcpdump logs.

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I meant Asterisk 14.6 not 14.3.

Did you do as I stated in regards to rewrite_contact?

Yes, I did that and I did double check to make sure I did.

Then I’d suggest providing the new debug, or else I (or anyone else who may want to provide help) is going to have to guess. As it is I’m going to take a break from this thread, as it’s now at 28 posts.

Okay, Thank you for your ideas and help!