Busy singal on Cisco SPA8800

I am trying to use a Cisco SPA 8800 as a gateway with Asterisk server, it connect to the server. I am able to make calls but when I try to dial in it ring twice and give a busy signal. I do not see anything on the server when I try to call in. I’m not sure where to look to fix this. Any please would be great.

run a program sngrep and see what does the phone respond who is hanging up which hangupcause

Install sngrep on the server or a pc


or you can try to see from asterisk logs if server empty

I’m not sure how much information this have but this was the output I got.

you are looking for an invite

once you get invite go to that line and press enter

then u will see dialogs from the phone and asterisk look for reason of hangup

I didn’t see any invite when I had the call.

If there is no INVITE, there hasn’t bee a call!

okay, I may have config something wrong

This is some of the logs I’m getting

Any guidance on how to make the SPA work correct, I had found a pdf online that I was using. Anything would be a great help.

what did you configure in 8800 ?

and please send over your asterisk config for 8800

do you have reg? in asterisk ?

which part are u using fxo or fxs?

Yes, it register in asterisk. I wanted to use line 1-4 for fxo

Here is the doc i was using to help me setup everything