Busy detect ok Hangup detect is not!

hi all
can anyone help me about. following promlem.
I’m using Trixbox 2.0 with TDM400 4xFXO module. I check my country telco tone and add the zonedata.c, reinstall zaptel, add the tone in indications.conf. I search any asterisk&TB forums and try alot different set zapata.conf & zaptel.conf. anywhere… result : busy detect is work good when dialout zap trunk. but remote hangup not detect. I found new idea from forums, wctdm opermode=country but Turkey is not listed. I tried change from FCC to TBR21 & Germany and other Europan country but not work.
And change Busy detect tweak all option in asterisk Makefile. re-re-reinstall Asterisk. but not work.
Do you have an any idea?

an additional info Turk Telecom criteria you can access the link
ec.europa.eu/enterprise/rtte/tta … ri_eng.pdf

Try this link:
voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … upervision