Building and IVR with asterisk@home

I 've installed aah 1.2.1 on my server and I would like to build and IVR server with it. I will be connected to the external network via a T1 line (24 channels). So how can I configure my server (using amp) ? I’m working for a ISP and we want to make a call center for our clients. Asteriskathome 1.2.1 is just for testing. After trying it we plan to install the latest version of asterisk on the digium site.
Thank you for your advices and have a nice day :smile:

Hello, AMP has a tool built in for creating voice menus that is pretty self explanatory. If you need more in depth help with it you can drop me an email at

Which motherboard and memory must I use for my server ? I plan to buy a TE110P card for our pstn connection. Am I in the right way ?