Building an H.323 IP trunk using QSIG signaling

I’m an Avaya specialist and I need to build an H.323 trunk with QSIG signaling between an * and a Tenovis I55 system, clearly VoIP board equipped.
Someone already realized something like this? Mainly, I need to know the conf to * side.
I premise that I’m not very familiar with Asterisk, so any help would be much appreciated.
The release I work on is 1.2.4 (maybe an upgrade is needed…?)

Many thanks to all


There are 3 H323 options for Asterisk,
chan_h323, quite old
chan_oh323, based on OpenH323, quite solid, and
chan_ooh323, which is in asterisk addons.
Search on voip-info for h323, and the configs for each, once installed, is prett explanatory. Go for chan_oh323, then try chan_ooh323 if it suites you.

chan_h323 coming with Asterisk 1.4 and up is newer than you think, much stable and most powerful. Try this first, but anyway it does not provide support for tunneling of QSIG messages.