Build Asterisk with chan_usbradio

The subject of this post pretty much explains what I am trying to accomplish. I have a URI device that has the CM-108 chipset in it so I can interface Asterisk with a radio. I downloaded Asterisk 1.4.26 and the chan_usbradio.c does not come with it. I took the chan_usbradio.c from the trunk version and put it in the channel dir and tried to select it again when I did make menuselect with no luck. It says that chan_usbradio depends on: asound(E), usb(E), I’m not sure if those are asterisk or system dependencies. I checked out the latest svn trunk version that I got the chan_usbradio.c from eariler and I could not select chan_usbradio from it either, it says it depends on: oss(E), usb(E). I’ve been google searching off and on for a few weeks now on this and I cannot find an answer. Any help is appreciated.