Broken pipe problem

Hello all,

I have faced a problem in a certain time that my asterisk box gives an error–

“error while writing audio data. Broken pipe”

can any one tell me the available reasons for that. I want to know in which condition it can occure.



Broken pipe error happens when two applications were
commuincating using a pipe and now one of it has terminated but the
other application doesn’t know that and writes to the pipe in the
hope that the application is reading from it.


I think i got the reason. But it will better if you can tell me more in details.
i am waiting for ur kind response

zilani :smiley:

Can you explain in detail when you get this error.
This error is usually because of mpg123 used by asterisk in musiconhold
and also to playback streams.


Actually i am playing IVR in asterisk box and clients rapidly listen it. If two
clients listen at a time the same IVR then after a certain time my asterisk
hanged up and gives the specific error.

If you think that it is not enough to understand then i will explain more

please give if you have any idea to fix it.



mention which asterisk version you are using.
also Post the message log created when the condition occurs.