BridgeAdd not allowing sound through to outside caller

Asterisk 18.1, PJSIP, direct_media=no, transport protocol=flow, media_use_received_transport=yes
A call comes in from outside and is answered on extension 101
Audio works in both directions
A person on extension 102 uses BridgeAdd
Audio works both ways between extension 101 and 102
101 and 102 can both hear outside caller
No audio reaches outside caller
Extension 102 hangs up
Audio is restored in both directions between outside caller and extension 101

What is the PJSIP configuration? What is the console output? Are you behind NAT?

I tried it just now to check the console and it’s working fine until extension 102 hangs up. The outbound audio is then blocked. If I re-BridgeAdd they all work again. If I then hang up extension 101, 102 and outside work fine.
No errors on console at -vvv.
There have been no config changes between the two tests.

NAT - yes, my router also supports ipv6.

I rebooted and now its doing as in the first-post. I’ll test later to see if it converts over to the second scenario (which is much preferred).

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