BRI NT QSIG / Send date time


According to a librpi changelog (1.4.12)

[quote]Add option to specify if and how much of the current time is put in

  • Send date/time ie never.
  • Send date/time ie date only.
  • Send date/time ie date and hour.
  • Send date/time ie date, hour, and minute.
  • Send date/time ie date, hour, minute, and second.
  • Send date/time ie default: Libpri will send date and hhmm only when in
    NT PTMP mode to support ISDN phones.[/quote]
    it’s possible to send date/time on a BRI NT.

If the BRI is set in NT_PTMP mode the date/time is send.

But if the BRI is set in NT mode the date/time doesn’t seem to be send even with the option

datetime_send = date_hhmm in chan_dahdi.conf

Do I missed something ?

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This option seems to be available only since version 1.10 of Asterisk.

As I’m working with Asterisk 1.8 that’s maybe why it doesn’t work :smile:

I will try this option with Asterisk 1.11 and let you know if it works.

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