Branch Survivability Options and DPMA

Trying to navigate through the options for branch survivability. We are currently utilizing DPMA and digium phones and I see I can setup an alternate registration address. I’d like to simply have a analog gateway device at each location in case of communication failure with the main office where our asterisk pbx will be which would allow branch phones to call externally. Can anyone comment on experience doing this or similar? Initially I thought about having an asterisk server at each branch and interconnect them via IAX, but seems that may have a limiting affect on some DPMA features when dealing with remote sites.

In alternate server mode, you lose all extra features. You can make and receive calls through that host, but that’s it. It’s just supposed to provide you with a backup in the event that your primary server is down.

Ok, so I could still have a small basic asterisk server at each location as a alternative. Maybe a small hardware appliance that would provide an analog interface for emergencies.

If you can find an ATA that’ll handle incoming registrations, that’d work, too. I have zero suggestions to offer on such a thing though, sorry.

I would recommend using Patton SmartNode 411x FXO series (analog-VoIP gateway). The gateway supports FXO lines and SIP Registrar feature (for up to 3 SIP accounts the feature is free, for more SIP accounts you need to pay a licence). It’s not the cheapest gateway in the world but very stable and a perfect fit for your use case.