Brain Dead POTS provider

I am currently in the process of setting up an asterisk system in my home. I have a TDM 400P card with 2 FXS and 2 FX0 ports.

My local POTS provider, Iowa Telecom, has a brain dead system. I get the 10 digit caller id info with incoming calls, but if I try to redial, it chokes because it needs to have the 1+ in front of the 10 digit number.

I have found that I can setup a calling plan that will strip off numbers, but I want one that I can add a 1 to an numbers that are 10 digit that are sent to asterisk. What do I need to do?

are you rolling your own? running trixbox and/or freepbx? if the latter, that’s easy. under the “Trunks” section, for each trunk, under Outgoing Dial Rules, you can do something like this:


I had installed AsteriskNow Beta 1, tonight, though I don’t yet have the system online.

I had a system running well back with AAH, approx 1.2, but after a drive death, and newer versions of AAH, I couldn’t get the cards configured without a great deal of grief, so I tried the AsteriskNow installation. It installed without any problems whatsoever. It doesn’t seem to allow the latitude of changes in configurations, though.

I have an X100P clone card, along with a TDM400P (TDM13B configuration) card, and have always had card configuration problems with AsteriskAtHome and Trixbox.

AsteriskNow doesn’t give the 1+ without direct editing a config file. Since I no longer have two lines, I’ll pull the X100P clone, and expect that it will relieve the configuration problems.

The explanation is great, but I can’t get trixbox’s web page to load, so I can’t get it to configure. So, I’m using the AsteriskNow 1.4 beta 2.

What needs to be hand coded in the config file to allow the 1+ to be added.