Both inbound and outbound call dial plan (Anal /Ditl)Cards

Hello, in my asterisk (Debian) server both diguim Analogue and Digital cards are installed, i will have to configure these two card to different group in : /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi_groups.conf>>>to make them work, already know.

Could someone provide a great link to set dial plan for both inbound and outbound calls comes from these two trunk to make them go through a specific / extension / ring groups…
I know how to set up dial plan for extension,but i am new for calls comes from trunk
I look forward to your reply :wink: .

Thanks !

You want the Biz and Jobs forum. Also what do you mean by a ring group. That is a term used by FreePBX, but not by Asterisk.
especially … asics.html

–Satish Barot