Bonjour question.

I have a question for experienced Asterisk users (something I’m not).

We are having a bit of a tussle over on the Gizmo Project forums about Bonjour, and Asterisk was mentioned as an application that has adopted Bonjour/Zeroconf.

Here’s the issue: Gizmo currently installs Bonjour on Windows systems by default. The installation doesn’t offer the option of not installing it, but the service can be shut down (obviously) several ways. The objection is that Bonjour isn’t necessary or beneficial to some users and should be an explicit option in the install routine rather than installed by default as a “stealth” service.

Here’s my question: does Asterisk install Bonjour/Zeroconf silently in its configuration or is it an explicit option?

Obviously, the protocol has a long history in the Apple community, but some of us aren’t convinced of its overall security or specific benefits. I really don’t want to get into that here–that’s for Asterisk users to decide–I just want to know how Asterisk handles the issue in its installation process.



Bonjour is a third-party add-on: … ur+Support

And I agree that Gizmo should not install Bonjour on Windows by default. This should be an option.