Blind transfers not working

I am struggling to get blindxfers working on a test machine. I have attended transfer working via *# and blindxfer assigned to ##.

When I am in a call and I try to blindxfter, I get the dialtone after entering ##. When I enter a valid extension, nothing happens, there is timeout and I am returned to the call. There is not logging on the console. The dialtone dissappears after the first digit is entered. What dependancies are there for blindxfter?


I have traced what happens and it fails when trying to park the call during the transfer.
in ./res/parking/parking_bridge_features.c parking_blind_transfer_park it tries to park the call on extension 129 (configured for parking in res_parking.conf) but fails at the test
if (!app_at_exten || strcasecmp(PARK_APPLICATION, app_at_exten))

Why is this call being parked on the park extension?

Are you sure it is not simply trying to detect the special case of blind transferring to parking?

I am not sure what you are asking, because the extension that I enter is say 124, and it tries to park this on 129 which is the parking extension.

I’m suggesting that the code isn’t trying to park on 129, but rather comparing 124 with 129 to see if it should treat it as a special case.

Thanks for that David. Where I stopped looking at this problem, I tried changing the result of that comparison and the transfer proceeded but to the parking extension. Is there any special configuration needed for blind transfers?