BLF with RLS in sip.conf

Hello everyone,

I have a problem and I could really use your help.

I want to use BLF in my devices, and I have been told to look at BLF event list, but I have found RSL concept and that looks really good. However, on Asterisk Wiki, RSL is used only in pjsip.conf, is there a way to implement it to sip.conf?

No, chan_sip does not support it. Only individually subscribing in non-RLS fashion is supported by chan_sip.

I see, and BLF event list? Is is different from old fashion subscribing?

RLS is a single subscription to a list of multiple resources. Non-RLS is multiple subscriptions each to a single resource.

Okay, so just to be sure, BLF event list is just normal Non RLS? My boss told me that BLF event list is better than old fashion subscribing, but he might have meant RLS

BLF event list is RLS.

Thank you, I really appreciate your help, no its all clear to me.

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