BLF on 480i & 480i CT, but not on 9133i?

I have several 480i’s & 480i CT’s, and I can get them to show BLF status for phones in the network. However, I cannot get 9133i’s to show status. Here is what I have…

Softkey stanza in a 480i’s cfg file…

softkey7 type: blf softkey7 label: "Alan" softkey7 value: 25
Program key stanza in a 9133i’s cfg file…

prgkey7 type: blf prgkey7 value: 25
I must have all of the asterisk hint stuff correct, because the 480i work perfectly. If I press the program key on the 9133i, then it dials extension 25, so I know that it is getting the cfg file.

Anyone have any suggestions?

can’t see a 9133i config at the moment, but isn’t there a prgkey7 line: 1 required too ? or is that optional ?

why dont you remote directly into the gui for the phone and add a blf key from there. then you can see if it really works or there is a problem with the phone. also are you sure that you added hints for that extension?


try adding a name, ie
prgkey4 type: blf
prgkey4 name: "Extension 813"
prgkey4 value: 813

By putting the prgkey# line: 1 in the blf’s, it worked! I have not done any testing as to what that does to the phone… Does it use line 1, so that calls cannot come in? I will post results

I had checked the gui, and it was there. Now that I have the line: 1 from above, the gui now has Line 1 instead of Line global. However, on the 480i’s & 480i CT’s, the line is global. I knew that my hints had to be right, because the 480i’s & the 480i CT’s showed extension 25 status.

Thanks for the help!