BLF Getting Stuck on Sangoma S705 Phone

When I show hints in the console I can see that the status is IDLE yet the light stays green. I submitted a ticket with Sangoma support, but they only support FreePBX.

I have the phone set up with the default option for BLF in it’s web backend.

Asterisk’s sip.conf is close to default, besides my users, and the user is set up minimalistically:



show us a ‘core show hints’ and a ‘sip show subscriptions’ and your dialplan where you define the hint.

Also, where a light is turned on, it’s usually because Asterisk told something to turn it on, via a NOTIFY. That NOTIFY should be OK’d by the device. The device likely won’t turn off the light until it receives another NOTIFY, that it also OKs.

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