Blank /recordings page

Hi All,

I’ve been troubleshooting this most of the afternoon. I thought it was a FreePBX 2.9 bug but other hosts of ours that are running a similar setup (asterisknow 1.7.1, asterisk 1.4 and freePBX 2.9RC) are not having this issue. When we go to the /recordings web page, it comes back as blank with 0 content. I’ve verified this on several PCs. In the past 2 days, the following have been updated:

Apr 22 14:35:58 Updated: asterisk14-core-
Apr 22 14:35:58 Updated: asterisk14-voicemail-
Apr 22 14:35:58 Updated: asterisk14-dahdi-
Apr 22 14:35:59 Updated: asterisk14-doc-
Apr 22 14:35:59 Updated: asterisk14-

Are there any known issues that I’m missing? Downgrading these packages back to the previous versions doesn’t fix the issue and I’m at a loss at the moment on troublshooting the php. The /admin and /panel are both working on this one server … just the /recordings page is blank.