Bindport in peer context does NOTHING

I am testing, trying to connect my Polycom 501 over a site-to-site VPN. The HQ (datacenter) has 3 asterisk units. The remote location, just has the Polycom phone, and a few x-lite soft phones for testing as well.

Needless to say, I have alot of other trouble I am sorting out but one thing that has me stuck is the BINDPORT.

In SIP.CONF, if I assign “bindport=5063” in the peer-context, it doesnt seem to make a difference at all. I reboot my phone, reconfigure my phone to attach to 5063, and no matter what - when I do “sip show peers” it always comes up 5060.

I want all the other devices (which are on the local network) to bind to 5060, and the ones from this remote location to bind to 5063. Is that possible? Or must I assign the entire unit to bind to 5063 by bindport in the [general] context only?

-Erich Stein