Billing Software

What are some of the better billing software applications to use with asterisk?

I know only one - astcc.
Most important about it is that application is developed by Mark Spencer - developer of Asterisk also.
OK - may be he isn’t the only developer but he is one of developers :smile:
Before I started with astcc, I tryed some other applications - absolutely without any success.

How does Astcc compare with Areski CC bundled with AAH? Have you tried that out? I am currently looking for something which would give me a little more flexibility, maybe this may do that.

I tried Areski CC - around 7-8 months ago - I havn’t success.
As I remember - I even had no successful compilation.
Astcc - is very flexible :smile:
We are using it for a lot of staff:
calbacks, SMS based calbacks, accounting based on callerID, rouing based on callerid.
OK - all additional features were writen by us but…
It took us (me and one my colegue) some time, but Astcc - was my first contact with Perl.

What features do you need? You might be able to tweak Astcc. Depending what programing language you prefer.

is there any PHP based?

Now there is AGI interface writen in PHP - it should be very easy to rewrite astcc in PHP.

well I have to congratulate the developers of asterisk on their move to port asterisk from mysql to unixodbc. That was a brilliant move on their part.

I see that there is only motion of mysql, are there any plans on porting it to unixodbc like asterisk is now?


Thanks for your reply :smile: btw, where i can find the PHP AGI ?


'Google uber alles ’ :smile:

If you have any problems - I can send you files by meil