Biggest complaints received!

I dont know about you but it seems that everytime I do a new install especially after replacing a Comdial or other legacy PBX the biggest complaint that I always get and have to take at least 2 hours to explain is parking calls. Most users are used to just putting the call on hold and telling someone else to pick up like 1 ,2 etc. Instructing them to transfer the call to extension 700 is like pulling teeth!. Does anyone else have fun doing this or what other complaints do you normally receive.

yes, i very much enjoy telling customers that the way they want to do things is now obsolete and they have to learn a newer, more complicated way of doing it. I especially love the reactions from people who have been picking up analog lines for many years and are convinced their way is better.

…or not.

But worry not, Asterisk 1.4 is going to have SLA (Shared Line Appearance) functionality. As I understand it, you can define a Shared Line and send a call into it. Once the call is active, the LEDs for that SL will stay on and other users can pick up or barge into the call by simply hitting the button. No idea if or how well it works, but that’s the idea :smile: