Big delay on answer Zap channel (outgoing/incoming)

Hello !

Using X100P for 2 years long… the sound quality was not to good, on zttest got 95,XXX-98,XXX
So I changed on another IRQ with APIC.
Now I have cristal clear sound, and zttest is 99,7XX-99,99X, but now I have anather problem :frowning:

Asterisk 1.4.15
Zaptel 1.4.7

When calling throu a Zap channel (X100P) I got a big delay, 40-50% of the time.

Executing [021XXXXXXX@payphone:1] Dial(“SIP/1002-08213550”, “Zap/1/021XXXXXXX|60|Tr”) in new stack

  • sometime its block here, and on the FXO line I can here busytone
    – Called 1/021XXXXXXX
  • sometime the delay is here 3-20 seconds, the FXO line is allready ringing the corect number, the person answer but can’t here me, I can’t here nothing over the other side of Asterisk, until Zap channel answer…
    – Zap/1-1 answered SIP/1002-08213550
  • now I can here…

The same problem when I receive a call… :frowning:
Sometime is just working normal.