[BIDs] I am looking for a good implementor or implementation

First let me apologize if this isn’t the right forum for this request. Admins may move it to the proper area. Ok with that out of the way…

We are looking for a Voicemail system that has already been developed. Or a developer/implement specialist to help us implement an Asterisk based voice mail system. The main goal is to handle up to 12 concurrent voicemail users with a database of over 50,000 customers. I am trying to explore our options in the VoIP realm as well a digital T1. We are willing to do away with the NMS cards we use in our current system and deal with Digium as our supplier. Perhaps using a TE210p is the way to go if we go T1. From what I understand, (I have implemented a Asterisk@Home setup) this should be pretty straight forward.

Other issues we are interested in entail implementing it with our Customer Resource Database and billing software that we have already developed and implemented. We are still working with the developer and prefer to keep everything on a contract basis, never hiring in house for anything. This service would be our main product so it must be reliable.

Secondly, we would also like to implement an easily edited Text to Voice menu system. We have already begun to build several relationships with Text to Voice software developers that explained how this could be implemended.

Additionally we need to have a POP3 email account negotiated and Text to Voiced through the voice mail system for easy over the phone retrieval of email. Some high level functions such as deleting, moving to the next message and such will be required, but not the ability to answer the email over the phone.

The system would need to recognize DNIS or the ANI of the original caller. This function would allow the user to skip the 10 digit entry establishing which mailbox they are looking to access. If the system doesn’t recognize this then it will need to request that this information be entered with a pass code to retrieve the Voice mail. These details can be explained and any suggestions can be discussed then.

Lastly as a function of Asterisk I understand that we should also be able to have the voice mails sent via POP3 account to a users email address for easy email based voice mail retrieval. These are the main concerns and the majority of the requirements.

I am a experienced server/system developer so our main goal is to find implementers or turn key systems that have already been established and are running in the field now.

As this is our main product we would also be open to any of the other functions that Asterisk brings to the table.

If you need anymore information please feel free to contact me at this email address.
mastern8 AT gmail DOT com
Or I will check this board periodically.

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