BGP - Asterisk problem


Since last week I have a problem with very low quality of VoIP calls. There is roaring in most of calls, but when someone calls back again the problem disappears.

I have PBX asterisk in version 1.6 and router vyatta in version VC6.6R1 with BGP from two internet providers, one path is a preferred one. The configuration of asterisk and vyatta hasn’t been modified for the last 6 months and everything worked well.

My VoIP provide says that the reasons of low quality calls are that:

  1. the traffic network is multipath and switched between the two links, the RTP stream disappears on my side and that SIP ALG is enabled. I have already turned off the SIP ALG but there was no effect.

If somebody could help me I would appreciate it.


You don’t have an Asterisk problem. You have a network problem. Asterisk can not handle multiple links and BGP. You have to provide a good quality network for RTP traffic. If you can’t provide that any VoIP system fill have problem, not only Asterisk.