Best way to give a demo PBX to client

Hello World, what is the best way to give a demo pbx system for test before buy it if he is actually using an analog system (Nortel) with 23 phones (meridian =NORTEL)?
Please post your ideas including scenarios if possible!

Start by analyzing the actual telephony requirements.

You may install an Asterix box at your office or home, have some VPN connection to your home/office network, so you can start a softphone and make and receive calls from distance. This is definitelly one of the best “freedom” feature you can show to your customers so they can start seeing what type of benefits they may have with IP telephone systems, compared to old Nortel PBX.

Not to mention the cost savings it may represent for the company related to employees on the road.

I know you are looking from a sort of demo PBX to can leave to the customer to try it, but I haven’t seen it yet. So, if you already found it, please share it. I’ll be glad to use it as well.


We normally give them a system with half a dozen handsets and let them have a go, normally we hook it up to our itsp and as we have ISDN and Alog cards on the shelf we may well stick one in so they can test it on their lines.