Best way to check for personalized greeting

Hi Everyone,

I want to ensure that all of our employees have their own recorded greeting instead of the automated one. What is the best way to go about this other than call all of the extensions? That’s a lot of numbers to dial! I checked the forums but didn’t find what I was looking for.

Do you mean a greeting for the Voicemail? If yes, everybody can record their custom Voicemail message (busy or unavailable) from the Voicemail menu (when they call the extension to check their Voicemail messages). Check the menu 0 options: … ceMailMain

He’s not asking how to record the greeting; he is asking how to test whether everyone is complying with a policy that they must have recorded a greeting.

It’s a sufficiently rare requirement, that it is not likely to be resolved by a Google search. You probably have to look a the source code and the obvious /var/…/asterisk/… directories. I suspect that you will need to read out the contents of astdb.

PS This is an Asterisk Support topic, not an Asterisk General one.

if I’m not mistaken, when you record your greeting, it just saved in your mailbox area named greet.wav or greet.WAV (if using wav49). A simple bash script should give you what you are after.


cd /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default

for dir in `ls`; do
cd $dir
if [ -f greet.WAV ] || [ -f greet.wav ]; then
  echo $dir;
  echo "$dir - no greeting";
cd ..

obviously change the script to match your configuration…