Best Supported Hardware Configuration

I am going to be creating an Asterisk server.

What is the best Hardware to use for Asterisk and BSD?

Motherboard, cards etc.

That’s about the only clue one could give you for Asterisk whether on BSD or Linux. I have been running Asterisk on BSD for about 3 years now. And while it ran okay on an old P166 it runs far better on a P3-1.7 Ghz.

What I’ve found is that for one user like my system, just about any old machine will do. But as you increase the user count you will need as much soup under the head as you can get.

And don’t forget about your bandwidth either. DSL didn’t cut it for me even with just one user. My cable modem through Comcast is fine but even that is subject to the other loads in the neighborhood on the circuit.